Festival center Halle 6 | Kreativquartier

The Kreativquartier (creative quarters) is one of the few open zones for alternative culture in Munich, providing space for numerous creative, social and ecological projects. The Kreativquartier is also the home base to Freischwimmen meets Rodeo. In addition to several of our venues such as MUCCA, schwere reiter or PATHOS being located here, we also cooperate with many artists and projects in the area. Our festival center is located at the heart of the creative quarters, at the workshop space of Halle 6.

Usually, this is where sculptures, theatre or movie sets are being created. During the festival, visitors will find a place to dwell and gather, debate, eat and drink. The fully accessible center is open thruoghout the day. For those overwhelmed with busy festival life, the adjacent Studio 1 will provide a sensory refuge with opportunities to sit or lie down comfortably. What is more, visitors will be able to experience a weaving sculpture by artist Dorothea Seror, based at the creative quarters.

The festival center is designed by Lisa Geller, Florian Gnauck und Jonaid Khodabakhshi who run the material transfer site treibgut (flotsam) in the creative quarters. Serving artists, culture workers and home improvers alike, they make sure that used goods come to life for a second, or third, or fourth time. Our festival center is built from reclaimed materials as well, which will be fed back into the cycle after use. Art meets sustainability and thus creates a unique space for gatherings and encounters.

The installation Tuwas Tipi by Dorothea Seror can be visited throughout the festival in the festival center / resting room.